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wastecare bin

Our equipment fees cover monthly equipment rental as well as comprehensive coverage for all repairs and replacements during the agreement period, at no extra cost.

Wall mounted waste bin

The Wastecare Bin combines style and function in one easy to use product and is the perfect partner to the Autotowel.

Recycling bin options
Degradable liners
Compostable liners

Easy waste management with Wastecare's Multiliner replacement system

The Wastecare Bin houses a roll of 25 replacement fragranced liners, known as multiliners, within the unit. The specially designed multiliner removal and replacement system ensures quick and easy servicing.

Internal liner retention/holding system keeps the bag unexposed from the outside of the bin, ensuring no external hanging liner.

compostable liners

Compostable bin liners are a game-changer in embracing sustainability and protecting the environment. These innovative alternatives to traditional plastic liners are derived from renewable resources, making them a fantastic eco-friendly choice. By using corn starch-based compostable bin liners, you are actively reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to minimising plastic pollution. These liners break down naturally over time, either through composting or biodegradation, without releasing harmful toxins into the soil or waterways.

We have recently begun a transition to using these liners in all of our sanitary servicing, replacing the traditional degradable liners.

Embracing these eco-conscious options not only helps us tread lightly on the planet but also sets a positive example for others to follow, fostering a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.

wall mounted

The bin is wall mounted for easy cleaning under and around the unit and features a chemical resistant chute which is removable for cleaning. The Wastecare Bin can be used in kitchens, offices, hallways, reception areas – anywhere that requires waste collection.

compact chute

The design of the chute, with its compact aperture, influences the reduction of waste by encouraging users to ball used towels to fit.

recycling bin option

We also offer the Wastecare Bin as a recycle bin with colour coded chutes for different recyclables; green for organic, blue for paper and yellow for other recyclables.


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