Enjoy 3 months of FREE washroom servicing

We know how frustrating it can be when new customers receive great sign up offers but existing customers never seem to be able to benefit. So we've decided to extend our latest offer to our existing customers too.

You currently enjoy the benefits of our great range of consumable hygiene products, but we offer so much more. We are primarily a full-service provider. We not only supply consumables and equipment to our customers but we also provide a full service and support package from sanitary bins and air fragrancing to hand soap and sanitiser.  

What are the benefits professional washroom hygiene servicing?

There are lots of benefits in using a professional hygiene servicing company in your washrooms - not least of which the fact that you don't have to do it yourself! We take the hassle and stress out leaving you with the comfort of knowing that everything is taken care of.

We have service options for air freshening, soap, sanitary disposal, toilet and urinal dosing as well as hand and surface sanitising.

Consistency is another huge advantage. Consistent product, consistent service and consistently high standards across all your washroom hygiene.

Included in our servicing is a proactive maintenance check on every dispenser on your site. Our techs make sure your dispensers are in full working order, are clean and presentable and they make any adjustments that are needed to optimise performance.

One provider

Using multiple hygiene suppliers can make hygiene complicated and inconsistent. With different dispenser keys, ordering streams and invoices to be paid, things can become time-consuming and frustrating.

As a professional full service provider, we offer solutions to all aspects of your hygiene product and service needs while ensuring cost, waste are kept to a minimum. This allows you to easily manage your protection through one provider and receive a consistently high standard of service and support, saving you time and reducing the number of sick days within your workplace.

Why choose Hygiene Systems?

We've been servicing washrooms for over 20 years so we have lots of experience. We also design and develop our own dispensers to an exceptionally high standard.

We are always ahead of the game and push the boundaries of technology wherever and whenever we can. Our friendly technicians work with an online service app to maintain their service schedules and professional performance. Our systems alert you when a tech is onsite and you receive a further alert at the end of the day to confirm the service was completed.

"Hygiene Systems continuously provide us with the high service levels we expect for our 31 retail stores nationwide, along with our recently acquired Wellington vet clinics. Their pricing is competitive and they are always willing to work with us on new products or services that may be of benefit to our business. We have no hesitation in recommending Hygiene Systems to any business seeking nationwide hygiene services."

Christine Moore - Animates NZ

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Our friendly Hygiene Consultants can take through a personalised onscreen presentation that easily explains our products and services.

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