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Does your school have the best hand hygiene protection for your staff and students?

Here at Hygiene Systems, it is our mission to ensure ALL schools across New Zealand have access to the best hand hygiene systems available. 

Why is hand hygiene so important in schools?

Schools are a breeding ground for cross-contamination. Washing and drying your hands correctly and regularly is the best way of fending off germs and viruses including Covid-19. It is the first step in ensuring you are providing a safe and healthy learning environment. It also helps your local communities stay healthy too by stopping the spread of viruses and illness.

We know good hygiene comes at a cost financially and environmentally. Managing and maintaining hygiene within schools is a hard task.

As hygiene professionals, we work beside you to help manage your washrooms and give you access to great hand hygiene. Our products come with a full servicing and support team to give you peace of mind that your bathrooms and other hand hygiene areas are being taken care of, giving you more time to focus on education.

Through the innovative design of our products and consumables, we promise to reduce your waste and cost while improving hygiene within your school.

Our systems

As washroom service professionals we can help you keep your students and staff safe and healthy without the inconvenience or extra costs. We would provide you with the best all-round hand hygiene system, tailored for your own particular requirements. Our hand hygiene dispensers include Autotowel, our automatic paper towel dispenser. Using paper towels is the most hygienic way of drying your hands. They don't harbour bacteria like a linen towel and they don't blow germs around the washroom like air dryers. The Autotowel allows you to control consumption - reducing waste and cost. The paper towels are fully contained within the dispenser to reduce cross-contamination - improving hygiene and protecting students, staff and the wider community. Plus, our autorolls are FSC certified so they are better for the environment too.

We have automatic hand sanitiser stations, wall mounted soap and sanitisers dispensers as well a full range of washroom equipment such as air fragrancing and sanitary disposal units.

If you would like your local hygiene consultant to have a chat through your options please contact us below and we'll setup a meeting or better still a video call using our own bespoke system - Hoop Connect -  at your convenience.

Establishing a culture of hand hygiene

Teaching your students about the importance of good hand hygiene is a great place to start. Reinforcing that handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds then thoroughly drying with a paper towel is the most effective way of preventing the spread of germs and viruses.

Having access to hand sanitiser throughout the school but especially at entry and exit points and other places without access to soap and water is also good practice.

Promoting good hand hygiene with posters, stickers and other visual clues in prominent areas also aids in establishing this culture.

"We have been using Autotowels for nearly 10 years now. It has proven to be great in waste control and the touch-free function enhances the hygiene benefits."

Holly Fang - Mairangi Bay School

How we work

We maintain a professional hygiene service to customers nationwide. Our experienced service technicians work with an online service app to ensure they maintain their service schedules and professional performance.

We invest in high-quality equipment to guarantee a professional hygiene experience for our customer.

Our hygiene consumables are manufactured to European standards with an emphasis on quality and time managed performance. Our technicians maintain, clean and upgrade dispensers and will also adjust services if and when required on each site visit, which all forms part of our regular on-site maintenance programme.

Site survey

We will arange for your local hygiene consultant to visit your site to carry out a site survey to determine the best solution for your site.


Your local hygiene consultant will then prepare a detailed proposal tailored to your specific needs.


Once you have accepted our proposal and signed your service agreement our professional installation team will liaise with you to book in your install at a time convenient to you.


Our friendly and professional service team will complete your scheduled services and any proactive maintenance require

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