Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As an essential nationwide service, we continue to operate under all alert levels. If you are open we will continue servicing as per your normal service schedule. For sites due a service during the hopefully temporary lockdown, we will reschedule your service as soon as possible after the lockdown is lifted.

We will be taking all the necessary precautions required MoH guidelines to do so safely.

Our service app records a GPS location for every service we complete. This allows us to have highly accurate tracking of our staff movements and makes contact tracing a much more efficient process for you and us.

If any specific arrangements need to be made for our staff to access your site please let us know beforehand so we can let our service technician know before they visit your site.

Thank You & Stay Safe

Site safety protocols for our technicians:

The following are the minimum protocols you must observe when entering a customer’s site. As well as these steps, you must adhere to any COVID-19 requirements asked for by the customer.

  • Gain permission before entering the building.
  • Sign in and acknowledge hazards, health declaration, and tracking.
  • Ensure you maintain a minimum of 2 metres distancing.
  • Do not touch anything unrelated to the work you are carrying out.
  • Gloves must be worn at all times.
  • If close contact wear a mask.
  • Hands must be washed or sanitised after every site visit.
  • Sanitise tools and bag at the start and end of each day.