Airomist Refill

The Airomist Pest dispenser automatically releases micropartices of natural pyrethrins at preset regular intervals. A metered or precise amount of pyrethrins is released at every activation which spreads rapidly throughout the control area.


Unlike other insect sprays which generally spray onto the floor and other surfaces, Airomist Pest leaves no residues.


Airomist Pest is environmentally responsible. Natural pyrethrins rather than synthetic pyrethroids are used in our insecticide products. Pyrethroids are not used because they are suspected to contaminate sedimentary material. Pyrethrins, which are natural insecticides, are found in Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium – a perennial plant with a daisy-like appearance.


Pesticide products containing naturally occurring pyrethrins are known to break down rapidly in the environment. These aerosol products do not contain CFC’s.

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Product Highlights

– Biodegradable Natural Pyrethrins
– Pyrethroid Free
– Unique night operation for mosquitoes 
– 24 Hour protection 
– Residue free floors, walls, furniture
– Safe to use around children and pets 
– Adjustable dispensing rate

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