Sport & Recreation

Sport and Recreation Clubs have facilities where people can exercise, socialise, and enjoy leisurely activities. We believe that excellent washroom and hygiene equipment in this type of facility are essential as this reflects on the safety and standard of the entire establishment.


Excellent hygiene systems demonstrate to both current and prospective members that the facilities are safe, hygienic and respectable.


A high daily throughput of people in Sport and Recreation facilities increases the risk of cross contamination. Through using our innovative and efficient systems, you can improve the hygiene, safety, image and reputation of your facility – all while reducing costs and waste.


Please take a look at the sections below for our presentation the Sport & Recreation sector.

Changing Rooms

Changing rooms are busy areas in sport and recreation facilities. That’s why it is such an important area for eliminating the spread and cross-contamination of bacteria. At Hygiene Systems we aim to encourage hand hygiene and cleanliness throughout your sport and recreation changing rooms with our quick, simple and efficient no-touch hand washing systems. 

Public Restrooms

Restrooms at public sports and recreation centres can be visited by hundreds of people every day. Ensuring your washrooms are clean, tidy and fresh for every visitor is an essential goal of Hygiene Systems. Our range of high quality, efficient and cost reducing washroom products ensure that all users enjoy the benefit of having a hygienic, clean, and fresh washroom environment.

Customer Testimonial


We have had a continuous and proud partnership with Millennium for five great years. Hygiene Systems is honoured to be the main supplier of hygiene related products that help keep the Millennium Institute hygienic and safe, and to serve the community and support many sporting activities.





BodyTech is dedicated to improving the health, fitness and well being of our members, guests and staff through motivation and education.
“We have been a customer of Hygiene Systems for seven years. During this time, we have enjoyed excellent service and high quality products. We proudly recommend Hygiene Systems to others in this industry.”


Andrew Jefferys 

Operations Manager 


We believe that the cafeteria of a public sports and recreation centre needs to be clean, tidy and free of bacteria. Our range of wipes and sanitisers prevent bacterial spread on all levels between the food preparation areas, staff and customers.


Important Considerations

Identify entry / exit points to establish barriers for infection control and cross contamination. Sanitisers strategically placed at these points help generate awareness and provide protection.


Femcare sanitary disposal units provide a touch free option and utilise trusted Femcare biodegradable compound for effective and safe treatment of waste.


Touch-free intuis system facilitates quick and easy handwashing without risk of cross contamination.


Quality washroom equipment and service is important for projecting a professional appearance for your facility, as well as being essential in promoting hygiene to staff and members. Reducing infection will help increase member throughput.

Our People
  1. Leona Leona says:

    Hi Everyone, I’m Leona. We love working with sport and recreation facilities because Fitness, Health and Hygiene go hand in hand, and nowhere is this more evident than public recreational facilities. High public throughput and intense physical exertion increase the potential for cross contamination. We go well beyond just the washroom when it comes to sports facilities and have tools for all areas of your business or organisation. It’s not just first impressions, it’s everyday impressions that count! You can get in touch with me on 027 4948757 or connect with me on linkedin below. Thanks.


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